Financial Policy

The Indiana Biblical Counseling Center is a discipleship ministry that helps believers understand their position in Christ and learn how to apply this reality in their daily life and relationships. The ministry receives the financial support from its clients and donors to continue to minister to hurting people. It costs IBCC approximately $85 an hour to provide counseling. In each counseling session IBCC desires to help each family and individual without regard to their financial circumstances. We have three payment choices for you to choose from, when coming in for counseling to IBCC.

  • I am able to pay the suggested donation amount of $85 an hour for your counseling and understand the payment is not tax-deductible.
  • I am able to pay a portion of the suggested donation of $85 per hour and need the financial gifts of IBCC donors to cover the rest of the per hour cost of my counseling. I am able to pay $_____(amount) of the cost.
  • I am unable to pay the suggested donation of $85 an hour for my counseling and need the financial gifts of IBCC donors to pay the cost of my counseling.

All gifts are received with the understanding and agreement by the donor that the Indiana Biblical Counseling Center, Inc. Board of Directors has complete control over its use on behalf of the ministry.

Click here to read and download the financial form.

Donations made to IBCC by its clients above the suggested donation of $85.00 an hour for counseling are tax deductible. Also donations made outside of the context of receiving counseling to IBCC are tax deductible. These financial gifts will be able to help others who are in need of counseling and are greatly appreciated.