Lifeline Resources

The following Lifeline Resources have been developed by Rev. Jeff Pokone to provide help for some common spiritual issues that we encounter here at IBCC. We make these resources available to you free of charge. We trust you will find them helpful in your own life.

Resolving Conflicts Through Discipleship Counseling

  • The Biblical Foundation for Discipleship (READ, LISTEN)
  • Surrendering to God with Humility & Courage (READ, LISTEN)
  • Understanding Identity in Christ (READ, LISTEN)
  • Resolving Emotional Problems Biblically (READ, LISTEN)
  • A Strategy for Resolving Strongholds (READ, LISTEN)
  • Resolving Marriage Conflicts (READ, LISTEN)
  • Growing a Family Identity (READ, LISTEN)

Other Resources

  • Overcoming Bitterness & Resentment (READ)
  • The Believer’s Identity in Christ (READ)
  • Marriage Oneness Model (READ)
  • How to Deal with Fear (READ)
  • Biblical Principles for Counseling That Changes Lives (LISTEN)
  • The Lord Builds House (LISTEN)

The Lord Builds the House

  • Foundations for Family Relationships (Part 1) (READ, Listen)
  • Foundations for Family Relationships (Part 2) (Listen)
  • Having a Multi-Generational Perspective (READ, Listen)
  • Building Unity in Your Family (READ, Listen)
  • Developing Marriage Oneness (Part 1) (READListen)
  • Developing Marriage Oneness (Part 2) (READ, Listen)
  • Developing Marriage Oneness (Part 3) (READ, Listen)
  • Lifestyle Discipleship in the Home (READ, Listen)
  • Foundations in Parenting (Part 1) (READ, Listen)
  • Foundations in Parenting (Part 2) (READListen)