Counseling Model

We describe the counseling we do as “discipleship counseling”. The reason is that we believe that regardless of our clients counseling needs we desire for them to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Discipleship is more than knowing right theology and right spiritual methodologies. It is enhancing the intimacy of one’s love relationship and dependence with the Lord Himself and learning to live out of their new heart in Christ.

Every person that contacts our ministry is suffering to some degree. In most cases sin has impacted their life. In some clients lives it because of their own sin, sometimes it is living with the consequences of their sin, and many times it is living with the pain and consequences from others sinning against them.

Discipleship Counseling can help people get “unstuck” spiritually and emotionally so they can grow and mature in their relationship with Christ and others. This growth will impact every area of a person’s life.

General categories of spiritual conflicts we address:

  • Pride & Control
  • Sexual Immorality
  • Bitterness
  • Addictions
  • Rebellion
  • How to live out of your identity in Christ (new heart).

General categories of personal conflicts we address:

  • Rejection.
  • Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse. (Dissociation)
  • Performance based acceptance.
  • Emotional Struggles (Resolving issues with anger, shame, fear, sadness, and hopeless despair).
  • Damaged Thinking (Identifying false beliefs about God and my identity in Christ).
  • Emotional Maturity.
  • Fear & Anxiety.
  • Unhealthy Relationships (Codependency).