Ways to Support IBCC

We thank God for the many people throughout Indiana and across the United States who are supporting the ministry of IBCC. If God is laying this ministry on your heart, there are several ways you can get involved.

1. Pray.

Because the battle we face is a spiritual one (Ephesians 6:12), the weapons we fight with must not be of the flesh, but spiritual. Therefore, the most important way you can be involved in the ministry of IBCC is through prayer. Pray with us:

  • That God would give wisdom to our counselors to understand what He is doing in the lives of the clients.
  • That God would open the hearts of the clients to find true repentance, healing, freedom, and forgiveness.
  • That God would use the ministry of IBCC to bring hope to hurting people, restore broken marriages and families, and empower His church to be a witness for Him in a fallen world.

2. Give to the ministry.

As a faith-based, home-missions ministry, IBCC looks to the Lord to meet its financial needs. It costs IBCC $85.00 for an hour of counseling, yet counseling services are provided free of charge. Over the years, God has faithfully provided for the ministry through churches, businesses, individuals, and clients. Should the Lord lead you to give to this ministry, know that your gift will be used by Him to bring help to hurting people.

All gifts are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the law and are received with the understanding and agreement by the donor that the Indiana Biblical Counseling Center, Inc. Board of Directors has complete control over their use on behalf of the ministry.

Help support us now!


National Christian Foundation

We are excited to inform our friends and donors that IBCC has opened up an IBCC Single Charity Fund through National Christian Foundation. Through this foundation you may give donations directly to the IBCC Fund online or with gifts such as stocks, mutual funds, and other non-cash assets. If you are interested in this fund please contact our office for an information packet.

3. Become a prayer partner.

If the Lord has given you a desire to know how to better help hurting people, you may want to consider coming in to IBCC as a prayer partner. A prayer partner is someone who sits in during a counseling session in order to intercede for and provide support to the counselee. For more information on becoming a prayer partner, call our office at 317-585-1845.