Biblical Principles for Building a Strong Family
by Jeffrey P. Pokone ($50 – includes tax and shipping)

This CD set of 21 messages exposes Satan’s agenda against the home and provides key principles for thwarting his attacks. Rev. Jeff Pokone addresses such topics as Overcoming the Three Enemies of the Family, Biblical Headship in the Home, Breaking Free from the Curse of Rejection, and Having a Multi-Generational Vision.


Victory Over The Darkness
by Neil T. Anderson ($10)*

This book explains the believer’s identity in Christ and how to appropriate this reality into your daily life. This book lays a good foundation for anyone seeking freedom in Christ.

The Bondage Breaker
by Neil T. Anderson ($10)*

This book introduces Christ as the Great Bondage Breaker Who has made every necessary provision for your daily freedom and victory.

The Steps to Freedom in Christ Workbook
by Neil T. Anderson ($4)*

This is a discipleship resource designed to help fellow believers in their personal walk with God It is useful in leading believers to freedom from cult or occult involvement, deception, bitterness, rebellion, pride, sexual bondage, fear, and curses.

The Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You, The Essentials of Christian Living
by James G. Friesen, E. James Wilder, et. al. ($10)*

In this book, you will see how types A & B traumas in childhood can impact emotional maturity in the adult years. This book explains how to find healing from past wounds through life-giving relationships within the Body of Christ.

Reclaiming Surrendered Ground: Protecting Your Family from Spiritual Attacks
by Jim Logan & Charles Stanley ($12)*

The only control Satan has over us is the control we give to whom through “ground” we surrender to him in rebellion, bitterness, pride, and immorality. Dr. Logan does a tremendous job explaining this concept of “ground” and provides practical steps on reclaiming surrendered “ground” and surrendering it to the lordship of Jesus Christ. This book is especially great for men!

The Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare
by Neil T. Anderson & Timothy M. Warner ($11)*

For a practical, beginner level handbook on understanding spiritual warfare, this book is a must. This book outlines a biblical worldview and the reality of the active presence and work of Satan and his demonic host in our world today. Though Satan presents himself as a very powerful enemy, he is a loser because of the Cross. This book will give you practical instruction on how to live out of your position in Christ in daily, spiritual victory over the Enemy.

The Biblical Guide to Alternative Medicine
by Neil T. Anderson & Dr. Michael Jacobson ($14)*

Because the spiritual, psychological, and physical aspects of our bodies are intricately connected, it is essential to approach health from a wholistic perspective. This book outlines a five dimensional grid through which to evaluate all medical philosophies, systems, and treatments such as Traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, kinesiology, and the use of herbs, drugs, and supplements. History, faith, wholism, science, and spiritual discernment together make up the five dimensions of this grid.

The Word on Health: A Biblical and Medical Overview of How to Care for Your Body
by Dr. Michael Jacobson ($15)*

With experience both as a former U.S. Army flight surgeon and family practicioner, and now as an Associate Pastor, Dr. Jacobson does an outstanding job giving a balanced, well-rounded perspective on health and nutrition based on the principles of Scripture and God’s design for our bodies. This resource is very informative and practical both from a medical perspective and from a clear understanding of the Bible.

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