Most spiritual and emotional problems faced by Christians are rooted in a weakness in their relationship with God. We see our ministry more as discipling than counseling in the usual interpretation of counseling. Discipleship is more than knowing right theology and right spiritual methodologies. It is the enhancing of the intimacy of one’s love relationship with the Lord Himself.

Discipleship Counseling can help people get “unstuck” spiritually and emotionally so they can grow and mature in their relationship with Christ and others. This growth will impact every area of a person’s life.

Three things that impact our clients’ lives include: repenting of their own sin, living with the consequences of their sin, and living with the pain and consequences from others sinning against them. Therefore when people do not repent of sin, learn to suffer well because of sin, or resolve the pain from their wounds, they do not find freedom and healing.

Our purpose throughout the counseling is that the counselee would personally grow in their relationship with God. This growth will bear lasting fruit in their lives.

General categories of unresolved Flesh Patterns/Strongholds we address:

  • Pride
  • Cult & Occult Involvement
  • Sexual Immorality
  • Bitterness
  • Generational Iniquity/Sin
  • Idolatry (Temporal values, addictions)
  • Rebellion

General categories from Broken Heartedness/Deep Restoration we address:

  • Type A Traumas-The absence of necessary good things
  • Type B Traumas- The bad things (abuse) that happen.
  • Damaged Emotions (Resolving anger, shame, fear, disgust, sadness, and hopeless despair)
  • Damaged Thinking (Identifying false belief systems about God and my identity in Christ)
  • Maturity
  • Fear bonds in relationship with God and others
  • How to live out of our “new” heart